2 years ago
2 years ago
well can you picture Andy drunk or stoned?Anonymous

Um..yes, I met him with a drink in his hand….multiple times.

we should all donate money for nick to get a new car! and he can repay us with makeout sessions!Anonymous

Or we could just donate out of the goodness of our hearts and now expect anything in return….

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2 years ago
if you dated Murray would you urge him to quit weed and cigarettes?Anonymous

Probably not. It’s his body, he can do what he wants. However, I would ask him to not smoke around me because of medical issues.

I don't think Andy does drugs. he's too decent,Anonymous

What is your definition of ‘decent’?

I think he probably does drug like all of his friends. With all of his friends.

but kissing Murray would be like kissing an ashtrayAnonymous

I don’t think so.

nick Murray also does drugsAnonymous

Probably just weed (whenever his friends let him have some…he doesn’t have the money. lol)

He’s still a nice dude. And what person in bandom doesn’t do drugs?

2 years ago
share a sandwich with Murray?Anonymous

Well, I would, but he probably needs the sandwich more than me. I would let him have it all. haha.

nick would be a gross kisser cause he smokesAnonymous

I don’t think necessarily so. For health reasons I would prefer he not smoke, but I have nothing against him for it. I mean, Gerard Way, Eric Hehr, Conor Oberst, Butch Walker - all great people who smoke.

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